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What the heck is Pup Brain?

No, it’s not when all you can think about is pups (that’s everyone at Chase & Papi all the time, actually). We’re launching C&P’s next event this fall: PupBrain!

I once read, “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. Five years later, Chase & Papi is still having a whole lot of fun introducing innovative events to the dog community.The newest member to our event portfolio, PupBrain, is designed for adventurous dog parents who are avid fans of scavenger hunts, puzzles and mystery. Initially designed as an in-person event, PupBrain will be 80% virtual and have many elements that differentiate us from a typical scavenger hunt; i.e. having your pups incorporated into the game in the form of bonus points.

Pup brain will debut nationally in October. This competition will be a five day challenge leading to one in-person destination. The winner of the challenge receives a generous cash prize, bragging rights and a PupBrain T-shirt. Each day participants are emailed a clue, with limited time to solve. Failure to solve the day’s puzzle results in not moving forward to the next day. If a player advances to day five, he/she must submit the final answer first to be named the official winner. In our opinion, this is the hardest component of the game.

While the puzzles in PupBrain are meant to be a challenge, participating is an absolute no-brainer. It’s a unique way for fur-parents to set aside some bonding time with their pup and connect with other pawrents in the community. Our game requires minimal time, but some effort. Our first week-long challenge will have limited slots available. To ensure entry into the game, please subscribe to our site’s newsletter for updates on the official launch. Early bird registration $12.The regular price is $15. If you have a knack for puzzles and riddles, you might just have what it takes to walk away with the title, “Pup Brainer”. Registration closes on Oct 26th.


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