The hottest events for NYC dogmoms

Our Story

In 2015, our founder, Desh Valcin, found herself low on options to socialize her pets, except for going to a local dog park, which became repetitive. Additionally, like most pet owners, she felt a sense of guilt leaving her dogs at home while at work, and especially on the weekends while at social gatherings that weren't dog friendly (because let's face it, dogs > people). Realizing her furbabies deserve so much more, she had a vision in mind – to supply a service where people could be sure that their pets would be surrounded by other pet lovers and new furry friends, while also being able to unwind and enjoy the kinds of events that typically wouldn't include their pups. The solution: create unique pet-friendly events that merge innovative ideas and fun. Thus, Chase, and Papi was launched– aptly named after her two dogs, Chase the Shih Tzu and Papi the Chihuahua. Since establishing Chase & Papi in 2015, Desh is now a proud pack mama of 3 pups.

Chase & Papi events are designed for owners who want to have a great time with other pet owners over refreshments, while their furry friends are socializing, exchanging barks and tail wags, and making their new best friends.