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How does Pup Brain work?

Participants gain access to 5-days worth of clues, with limited time to solve the entire puzzle (five days). Each player has the option to complete the bonus points challenge, which incorporates your pup into the game. In order to earn bonus points, participants must hold or display their hand-made sign with the words, #Pup Brain” in each assigned challenge. The maximum amount of bonus points earned in the game is 100 points. Please note you have the option to purchase additional bonus points. If a player advances to day five, he/she must be the first to submit a photo of themselves with their pup at the secret destination-the the first person to do so will be named the winner.

Is Pup Brain beginner-friendly?


Is Pup Brain nationwide?


What device do we need? How do we prepare?

A phone or laptop with access to the internet. Please prepare by carving out time for Pup Brain into your daily schedule; we recommend a minimum of one hour each day. Also, please make sure to have your handwritten or printed sign with the words, “#Pup Brain” all ready to go before the launch.

Can people in different places be on the same team?

Unfortunately, no . Each player must purchase their ticket separately to be eligible to win the grand prize.

Is Pup Brain only available to dog owners?

Yes. The game was designed for dog owners to further bond with their pet.

How will the winner be notified?

By phone or email.

What are the prizes?

There is a cash prize, a custom trophy and Pup Brain T-shirt.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes. 18 and older.

Does my Pup Brain sign have to be fancy?

A hand-written sign or printed sign with the words, “ #Pup Brain” is sufficient.

Is my ticket transferable or refundable if I decide to drop out?

All tickets are final sale.