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Miss Dog Mom

The Miss Dog Mom pageant is more than a beauty contest. It is a competition based on advocacy, communication and presentation to select the best spokesperson for the dog community. Part of our mission is to empower dog moms to successfully educate and advocate for the animal-relevant causes dearest to them.

Since the inception of MDM in 2019, all of the dog moms selected to compete in this system have proven themselves to be well-rounded dog moms for the animal community. Intelligent, philanthropic, compassionate and real are just a few words that consistently describe our contestants; the Miss Dog Mom Pageant provides the unique platform to illuminate these incredible women.

As Miss Dog Mom, the national titleholder has various duties. These include promoting awareness of their animal charity of choice, informing the public about the needs in the dog community, and acting as a brand ambassador on behalf of Chase & Papi. During her year long reign, she will make public appearances, such as being featured on radio and TV interviews. The commitment and personal example set by the titleholder will serve to further the mission of Miss Dog Mom.

For more information on how you can participate either by sponsoring or donating, contact us here     


     Miss Dog Mom 2019- Maria DucasseMiss Dog Mom 2020- Talia Page