Welcome to Chase & Papi, your designated pet-friendly event planner

Created with dogs and their parents in mind, our mission is to give you a home away from home where your pets are not only welcome, but encouraged. 

C&P’s happy-hour approved events are held across a variety of trendy New York locations, boasting a fun new theme every single time! Say goodbye to staying in, and hello to unforgettable nights out where you can let loose, off-leash (with a liability waiver, of course). We’re dedicated to bringing you events that are specifically catered to both dogs and humans, so your furry friend never feels uninvited to the party.

And now with C&Ps virtual events, social-distancing doesn’t have to stop the fun! Book-bark this page to stay up to date with the latest events coming to the the World Wide Web near you!

Our mission is to inspire and empower a community of dog lovers and to be a constant source of innovation in the dog event industry.


Hands down! One of the best dog events I have attended in NYC. The aesthetic and vibe is so modern and relaxed.

Bella T.

I'm so glad Chase & Papi didn't let the pandemic stop them from hosting events.  Just watched the Miss Dog Mom Pageant on Facebook Live. It was so good!

Anthony Y.

Such a great way to connect and network with dog parents in the city.

Tammy S.

Chase & Papi's events are so unique. Different themes and locations keep me coming back. Also, it doesn't hurt that my dogs love to party.

Kitana H.

I love that Chase & Papi is changing the way dogs owners socialize with their pets.

Jessica B.

I am a long-time customer and all I can say is Chase & Papi's parties get better and better. I can't wait until this company blows up.

Kwame R.